Louise Farren, DCU (BCLYA)



Where did you study abroad? 

Universitat de Valencia, Valencia, Spain 


What did you study abroad?

I studied mainly modules in Law including Criminal law, Civil Law, Family & Succession law, constitutional law, human rights, humanitarian law, legal history, political economy, nationality & immigration law, Roman law, EU Law


Did you join an ESN Section abroad? Favourite Event?

Yes, I joined ESN en UV and my favourite event was the city tour and trip to the Oceanographic aquarium in the first week of my Erasmus.


What is your favourite memory from your Erasmus experience?

I don’t have any specific favourite memory, I just loved the feeling of being more independent and getting to explore a new country by living there, visiting new places, trying new things and meeting new people all the time.


Did you also travel to any new countries while studying abroad?

No, I preferred to take trips around Spain but I did travel to Gran Canaria while living in Spain.


Do you have a fun fact about studying abroad?

It sounds cliche but it really does change your perspective on life, your career and what you want to do and what you value most!


Top tips for the University/City you studied at? Favourite places? Shops? Restaurants?

Universitat de Valencia offers so many classes in English so I would definitely recommend enrolling in those as early as possible! 
Try to live somewhere that’s close to campus but also accessible to the city and the beach! And the food in Valencia is amazing and super cheap so eat out as much as you can!